Allow me to share my story with you and here is how it goes.

In my past decade, I had been in pursue of learning my destiny or I should say, searching for a meaning in life!

It started with bad luck, bad luck and bad luck! I was ambition in doing business but I lost all my saving and investment for trusting others and the only person to blame is myself but trust me, it is a lesson worth learning! I had struggle on my monthly obligation for my family needs! but hey! I am considered lucky compare to others if you read the news!

And this is how it started, I being to questions myself WHY me? and is there a way to know before things happen? and I started to questions everything! With this curiosity in mind, my journey starts in search of the truth that is there a way to know the before and aftermath of an occurrence of an event!

I began by reading self-improvement books, attended motivational talks and practicing positive thinking etc…but it does not help me in my questions because I wanted to know why and how it began or started!

One day while sharing my thoughts with my friend over coffee, he suggested me over the bookshelf on the Chinese metaphysic!

The word “Metaphyisc” means An underlying philosophical or theoretical principle largely refer as luck or a belief in luck! or commonly known as 8 characters of a person destiny which derived from certain computed configuration of nature.

I start by picking some english destiny books from Lilian Too, and attended Master Joey Yap destiny courses and others masters books but to no avail to my questions, I started to go into the subject myself meaning going right into the source.

I collected a vast range of ancient destiny classic books dated around hundred or even thousand years old and to be frank that is not important. what is important is that it must be able to answer my questions and on top of that can give me some practical and realistic solutions.

With an objective in mind, I told myself if I discover the roots of this knowledge, I will share it with the world! And true enough my perseverance paid off! That is why this eBooks library started, to share all that I had discovered to you!

Now I will share with you and you can find it in all my eBooks! A good and a successful destiny is all in the relationships and characteristic of a person! Who are the people that are fixed in your destiny, knowing when the changes kicks in and the outcome after the changes!

And the key here is to start from you, because if you can understand the relationship and characteristic of yourself, you are already half way towards success because it is not about change, it is about understanding a relationship between the people around us on how they change, "To Be Aware and being Awareness" why they change and when the changes starts! The ancient Chinese classic said learned and understand from the “I-Ching – Book of Change”

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Benson Yeo