Destiny Empire was born with a single factor, PASSION.


This is to master our own destiny and take charge of our empire (our life) and to make good.


It’s also about values and doing what is right and logical.


I would humbly like to share with the world that Chinese metaphysic needs and take times to understand, there is absolutely no quick fix program. It requires years of experience and countless hours need to be invested and there are countless books where you can get it from the bookshelf and nobody knows it right or wrong? Only experiences can tell. Everyone will encounter some shorts of setback in their life and is inevitable and so am I. but if we can take this setback as an extra push in our lives, things will be very much different from this perspective. We can discover and learn a lot of things with the understanding of Chinese Metaphysics but in order to gain from it, we have to turn it into action! Then life will be bountiful.


Chinese Metaphysics and Geomancy are closely related because life is very personal. There are no generals rules that everyone can apply within the same rules and the outcome can be a big different.


There is a common saying of Chinese Metaphysics and Geomancy; Heaven, earth and man and I would translate it into the Past, Present and the future. These 3 words are closely related to each other, with one missing, we cannot understand life.


Our vision (Heaven) – all our student to be a well and respected person in their chosen field.


Our mission (Earth) – To teach and groom our student and bring out each of their hidden talent and lives a better life.


Our objectives (Man) – Open up and share our knowledge to our students and make them master of their empire.


Yours Sincerely,
Master Benson Yeo
Founder CEO