About Understanding one’s Life and Destiny What our destiny is trying to tell us!

If we can understand life, we will not blame the heaven. If we can understand ourselves, we will not blame others.

At the year, month, day and hour we were born, our life is encoded with a series of code. This code will determine the path of our life, whether we like it or not.

It is because we have not understood it, that’s why we called it Destiny. The series of code is our life preview coming attractions! (Read more)

Before you read; DO NOT BE BLIND by the meaning of all the Gods and Killings as this Classic only tell you one side of the story!

Not all bad are bad and not all good is really good! Do not take the reading literay.

If the bad become a good reading, then it will become very good!

If the good become a bad reading, then it will become very bad! (Read more)

Tiger and Rat Time Classic