About Understanding One’s Life and Destiny

What our destiny trying to tell us!

知命者不怨天,知己者不怨人 If we can understand life, we will not blame the heaven. If we can understand ourselves, we will not blame others

At the year, month, day and hour we were born, our life is encoded with a series of code. This code will determine the path of our life, whether we like it or not.

It is because we have not understood it, that’s why we called it Destiny. The series of code is our life preview coming attractions!

In this intense and competitive world, if we do not understand life and ourselves, chances that we may develop habits like Argument, jealousy, back-stabbing, evil doing, womanizing, adultery, abortion, gossiping, evil speech, unfilial, intoxication kill etc…. all this happen was due to not knowing one’s life. When this happen, we will push the blame into our outside world! And will live to regret later in life because we are not mean to be in this state. But once we have learned and understood destiny, we can call it “Choice”. And everything will lie in our decision for what we had become.

When we encounter an opportunity or setback, we have a choice to whether accept it or turn it into a learning experience or live in agony for our wrong doing! We cannot escape or avoid disaster, we have to walk on it and learn everything along our way, that’s how we learn. With this understanding, never again will we blame heaven or others! Because we had understood life!

By understanding our destiny (i.e. our ‘life-path’), we will be able to understand our inborn potentials, characters, success and failure, wife, children, rich and poor, influence, what lies in our future etc…

We may be aware that we will not seek for help when everything around looks promising. We only seek for help when things start to go opposite our way. And by the time when we met with setbacks or disasters, it will be too late to ask for help because it already happened. There is this Chinese saying, if we know ourselves well enough, we can win all wars!

Understanding our life’s not only helps us prepare our future, it also teaches us how to face our life challenges. Once you understood it, not only can you put it into your advantages for good use, you can also go beyond by helping or give sound advice to your family, friends, your customers and people require your assistance.

For example, you are in the business of providing customers security and make their money to work for them, wouldn’t it be good if you can add the value of giving sound advice on their life’s as well. An additional value added services. By knowing something in advantage, you can initiate a crucial decision for your customers to make so that they will not go thru the painful experience.

We look for answers that give us hope. Because this hope can help us achieve our goals! But how can we Achieve Balance in Our Life??? It is easy to said then be done!

The truth about Chinese astrology and Destiny understanding, first of all it is not about balancing on what we know as balancing the 5 elements! The truth is not about balancing the 5 elements in our date of birth! It is about the environment within us! Whatever that are given to us we have to accept it. We cannot escape from it because it is already inside us. Well we may say we are not perfect, we need to think it again and think hard! That is why our courses are very unique from others. And it is so important that what you can discover and learn from it beyond comprehension.

You may be surprise that you may discover other potential about you that you may never think possible in your life.