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Before you read; DO NOT BE BLIND by the meaning of all the Gods and Killings as this Classic only tell you one side of the story!

Not all bad are bad and not all good is really good!

Do not take the reading literally.

If the bad become a good reading, then it will become very good!

If the good become a bad reading, then it will become very bad!


Using The “Day” Branch and reference to the Year/Month/Hour Branches in you BAZI

Gold Safe


Red Phoenix


Heavenly Joy


Dragon Virtue


Fortune Virtue


Funeral Gate


Hook Edge


Five Ghost




Major Squander/  Age Clasher


White Tiger


Heaven Dog


Peach Blossom


Blood Edge


Deja Vu


Robbery Tragic


Disaster Tragic


6 Adversity



【龍德】Dragon Virtue

If you have this star in your BAZI, everything is a bed of roses, everything smooth, everything may be good luck.

But Clash and Combine will remove the auspicious!


【福德】Fortune Virtue

If you have this star in your BAZI, a lifetime of fortune, every desirable will be fulfilling. Also have the effect of enhancing auspicious! But Clash and Combine will remove the auspicious!


【金匱】Gold Safe

Have the opportunity to become the industry's outstanding talent, ability and strong financial and management aspects, and cadre’s executive positions. But Clash and Combine will remove the auspicious!


【紅鸞】Red Phoenix

Men and women are generally Charmer and Beauty, will be favorable in seeking financial aspects, will also experience regular contact with auspicious events. If they appear on the stem, even better! It is a good star! But clash and combine will reduce auspicious!


【天喜】Heavenly Joy

Man looks upright and woman with fine feature. Every day is a good day.


【喪門】Funeral Gate

Try to avoid visiting funeral so as to avoid offend evil spirits, causing illness and bringing bad luck. When in bad year, would be more detrimental to the financial issues!


【歲破/大耗】Major Squander/ Age Clasher

Time Wasted and many twists and turns to life, as in the case of breaking of the age, Pay careful attention to prevention, have a greater chance of monetary loss, also the master of all anxiety, poor health.


【勾絞】Hook Edge

Life with this star is relatively easy to get into trouble, a lifetime of gossiping and trouble, should think before talking , the occurrence of litigation, it is better to mind your own business.


【五鬼】Five Ghost 

Main life pitfalls is on lawsuit, litigation, vulnerable to villain framed or hurt, failing often do not speak the truth or a lie, even bluster, have to be careful on doing things.


【白虎】White Tiger

Star of criminal injury, will be easier to get into criminal lawsuits and prone to body injury, there is carnage, easy or even bankruptcy, there will be traffic accidents. Female life with this star, a staunch personality and decisive.


【天狗】Heaven Dog

Star of criminal injury, injury prone, disfigured. Beware of when it appear in the year, accident, beware of villain and disease arise.


【桃花】Peach Blossom

Peach's Blossom good or bad, must be compatible with life to judge with reference to the five elements and the good and bad Shensha.

If they appear at the year and month, will be categorized as inside Peach Blossom!

If they appear at the day and hour, will be categorized as outside Peach Blossom!

If there are more than 3 Beach Blossom appears at the Branch of either Rat, Horse, Rabbit or Rooster, it would mean Peach Blossom everywhere!

Life with Peach Blossom who looks Charming man and most were beautiful women, great popularity, and is passionate, sometimes more greed.

Emotionally unstable, disorderly conduct, big time spender and wise!


【血刃】Blood Edge

Accidental and injury prone, bleeding, surgery and other things, such as the sharp objects: fierce knife, weapons and other items sensitive than usual, be careful when touching.


【伏吟】Déjà vu

Déjà vu means the same duplication of a pillar! And representatives pain, depression, or even bankruptcy, also mean personal damage.


【劫煞】Robbery Tragic

Impatient personality, a lifetime of gossip, bankruptcy and not fortunate, problems related to ear, nose, throat, intestine disease. If it can be used. Will become a competitive person and the courage to act and served. If it is a jealous God, the Lord dictatorship sexual violence, vulnerable to unexpected disaster. If encounter in the annual year, beware of bankruptcy, frame and hurt by friends, extortion and other unhappy things.


【災煞】Disaster Tragic

Main carnage is on fire and water disasters. If mascot help. Will become very powerful!


【六厄】6 Adversity

Lifetime of difficulties over the future worrisome and hardships. If there are fortune stars to help, it can reverse the effects!


Heaven noble


【天德貴人 - 天德合Heaven Noble Virtue & Heaven Peace Virtue

All have good luck, life less dangerous. Able to get blessing, sometime blessing in disguise, honored to help. A Fortune star! Good character and loving kindness.


【月德貴人 - 德合】Season Noble Virtue & Season Peace Virtue

Good luck on blessing in disguise. Always escape from disaster. People with two of this stars, will be kind and compassion. Charitable and a noble person! Everything will work out well and longevity of life.


【月破】Season Breaker

A wasteful star! The main disadvantage of this star is loss of wealth or even bankruptcy, Depressing Career. Non conducive living environment of constant change, often disagree with people and gossip.


Season see Day Branch

Heaven Doctor



【天醫】Heaven Doctor

Star that in charge of disease. Have the opportunity to heal and become a good doctor. Talented in the field of medicine studies! Ease with work. Suitable for learning metaphysics, five arts, philosophy, psychology and other scientific disciplines.


Using Day Master and reference to all branches

Heavenly Noble




Learning Hall


Golden Carriage


Fortune Star




Red Envy


Goat Blade


Flying Dagger


Tomb Storage


Red Clouds


【金輿】Golden Carriage

People with Golden Carriage will have happy match make or have a spouse that brings wealth. Will care for siblings, can become rich. Good relationships, men and women look gentle, kind words and good deed, happy life, strong family bonding.


【祿神】Fortune Star

Act in a more proactive and positive manner. Very energetic in doing things, positive action, comfortable life, a smooth sailing life. positive money flow.



A blessing star, can turn bad into good. Clever and intelligent star. Very versatile in thoughts and doing things. Good with words and pen. Pleasant personality. Attention to details and very instrumental.



Is also another kind of Peach Blossom. Mostly related to relationship dispute!


【紅豔】Red Envy ( Fiend Peach Blossom )

A lovable character. Passionate and desire, romantic and sentimental, handsome looks for man and beautiful women, married persons tend to have an affair.


【墓庫】Tomb Storage

Introverted and stubborn, always like to hide the truth, hidden talent, argumentative, negative thoughts, emotion and mentally disturb , weak constitution.


【流霞】Red Clouds

Accidents prone, disasters, blood trauma. Abortion, major surgery, miscarriage death.


【飛刃】Flying Dagger

Criminal injury, tend to have carnage, easy or even bankruptcy; there will be traffic accidents over the behaviour problems.


【羊刃】Goat Blade

Wounds. Its strong and bravery resistance star. Personality Impatient, emotional entangle, intense acting, not a good match for siblings, dare to do dare to admit. Appropriate work will be military staff, police, surgeons or technical know how.


Using the Day branch and reference to other branches.

General Star


Travelling Horse


Imperial canopy


Separate Edge


Deceased God /

Official Charm


Solitary Star


Widow Lodge


Day Breaker


【將星】General Star

Life will have outstanding leadership ability and authority. The star dislikes sitting beside or combining clash with evil star! If this happen, the star will become fierce star, will encourage power wicked and wild behaviour. The star is also the wealth star, will in charge of finances. Sit as officer, authority will be in place. Sit as killing, will be a high judge. General star is a star of power, civil and military intelligent.


【驛馬】Travelling Horse

Travelling Horse means busy rushing, often go out, outgoing, Unstable mindset, ideal abroad development, many changes in career. Suitable for industries engaged in diplomatic work, Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff, actors, drivers, restaurant, writers, tourism, crew, special sales, salesman


【亡神】Deceased God/ Official Charm

Also known as the official symbol, also lost, if it is a useful star, will have power and authority! Good in strategic planning, a doer, sophisticated on doing things, shallow heart and calculating, petty and impatience, enjoy wine and women. If the same column with the demon star, its ominous more obvious. Frivolous lawsuits, also losing ground


【孤辰】【寡宿】Solitary Star and Widow Lodge

A solitary life, characteristic loneliness, not good for siblings and relatives. If received supports, can solve solitary. Sit on death and extinct will not be good. Lucks is also untimely. If the day is the solitary, will have no affinity with spouse and children. Solitary at year is better to get a foster parent. Because it could harm biological parent. Man with solitary star; direct and indirect wealth falls into death and extinct, meaning marriage life is not accommodating. Woman will “Widow Lodge”, officer and killing falls in death and extinct, also marriage life is not accommodating. Try to communicate more healthily.


【華蓋】Imperial canopy

Imperial canopy mean unique ideas, talent, skill, art, music, design and aesthetics of a talented person, smart, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, knowledge, psychic nature. Life can live up to its highest potential to reach the goal. with aptitude of loneliness, siblings and relatives could do without much help.

Imperial Canopy resource or officer in the same pillar and will be respectable in society and achievements in official circles. 
Imperial Canopy fall into emptiness will good for religious life or a solitary route. 
Imperial Canopy fall into dead or extinct, clash or control, sick and disaster children and difficult brought up. Life path will not smooth sailing.


【隔角】Separate Edge

Life with Separate Edge, life pitfalls frivolous lawsuits or jail. Experience shows that life with Separate Edge, were not necessarily the main cause of imprisonment or lawsuits. It can mean outstation or overseas assignment. Difficult to get out of difficult circumstances.


【日破】Day Breaker

Life with Day Breaker personality is very unstable and do not like restriction and feel restless at home. Spouse will have poor health or divorced or easy to quarrel between husband and wife; or cannot get along with children or children poor health.


External Peach Blossom

 3 marvel

6 Elegant

God Leader

Heaven Amnesty

3 stage

Fortune noble

10 spirit

day virtue

Day noble



Solitary phoenix