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BaZi Feng Shui Module I and II Preview

The Most Important lesson in Bazi and Feng Shui understanding is the Basic Principle

Many have asked "how long do I need to take to learn Bazi?" The answer is always "how much effort are you willing to put into it."

The path in Bazi is never a short one, just that it is a continuous one.
But under the guidance of a Master who can and will truly spend the efforts in imparting the necessary skills, shown to you at the right time, then the path can be smoothen out with less hindrances. And time spent on the learning curve can shorten tremendously.

With Master Benson's many years of research and vast experience with various types of charts, events and applications, this course promises to be an in depth one. Expect a highly interactive course that emphasize on student participation.

Probably the only course available that includes your personal Bazi and Fengshui that will be referenced into the bulk of the course time, for you will have all the opportunities to questions everything in relation to your bazi and Feng Shui in the course. (Read more)

Advance Course Preview

The Classes of Each Classic of the 10 Gods

The Classes of 10 gods are as follows:
  • The Officer
  • The Killing
  • The Eating God
  • The Hurting Officer
  • The Direct Resource
  • The Indirect Resource
  • The Direct Wealth
  • The Indirect Wealth
  • The Friends
  • The Rob Wealth
There are certain aspects that most readers are not aware of Each Classes! For example, The Officer Structure per say, that this class itself contains 10 different Officer Structure! See table below (Read more)

BaZi Feng Shui Master I - The Beginning


The Infinite Treasure Classic - 穷通宝鉴 12 Intensive days loaded with Infinite knowledge

Welcome to the world of Infinite Possibilities when you acquire the knowledge of Infinite Treasure!

This knowledge has been used in China during the 3 Kingdom of wars and had won enormous battles!

The Greatest knowledge that a person can learn is understanding a date, choose a date and use it for an occasion that will benefits you! (Read more)

BaZi Feng Shui Master II - Train The Master


The Heaven Instillation Classic - 滴天髓 8 - 10 Intensive days loaded with Heaven knowledge

Welcome to the world of 'BAZI MASTER in ACTION!'

First of its kind! This course has never been taught in the English speaking world! This course uses the ancient classic text fall back around 3000 years ago. Although the book is still available in the Chinese book store but not many knows the truth meanings and the hidden "SECRETS" behind this Ancient Classics book!

Once you learn this knowledge, BAZI is no longer a metaphor or the Chinese like to said "Heaven Secret Cannot Reveal". If you do not know BAZI, you call it superstitious! But once you had acquired the knowledge, you will call it Opportunities!

In The Infinite Treasure, you learned how to recognize and understand a chart with just a glance!

NOW, you are open to the WORLD of PARADIGM SHIFT READING OF A BAZI CHART! Be prepare to a Mind Blowing experience and you may call yourself MASTER confidently without any reservations!!! (Read more)

BaZi Forex

Welcome to Bazi ForeX!

Please watch the Basic of Forex Know How video introduction.

The road towards a successful trader be it beginner or the expert require experience, a mentor and a lot of characters!

The gist of winning in the forex market is the timing on execution of a trade and take profit at a stipulate timing and this can be easily achieve in BaZi Timing!

Having the know how and expereince on trading forex can largely help you make extra money while your daily commiment is not compromise.

The winning formula is subjective because different people have different expectations!

Following are the tools I use to trade in the forex market: (Read more)