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The Classes of Each Classic of the 10 Gods:


The Classes of 10 gods are as follows


·                  The Officer

·                  The Killing

·                  The Eating God

·                  The Hurting Officer

·                  The Direct Resource

·                  The Indirect Resource

·                  The Direct Wealth

·                  The Indirect Wealth

·                  The Friends

·                  The Rob Wealth


There are certain aspects that most readers are not aware of Each Classes!


For example, The Officer Structure per say, that this class itself contains 10 different Officer Structure! See table below;





Direct and Indirect Resources are elements that produce you, support you, take care of you, or give you problem, make you sad and happy, educate you, make you feel, give you information and you will become influential and become a gossip to others!


(Direct Resource and Indirect Resource) Their representations are largely based on outside supports. For example (Received helps from Noble people). It also means placing hopes on our psychology mind set as well as religion definition.


If Direct & Indirect Resources are in favour to us, you will be easy to gain support and encouragement from our Boss and helpful people around us! A more stable livelihood and will gain reputation in society! Physic, Religion fulfilment, Positive thinking, Positive Hope, faith, well manner, Healthy etc.


If Direct & Indirect Resources are NOT in favour to you, will encounter much obstacle in terms of education and Career perspective! A lot of back stabling, Gossiping, Jealousy, people don’t really give people a good impression about you, suspicious and ghostly encounter!


An unstable livelihood, Reputation will be compromise or damage! It can also mean a lot of uncompromised and disagreement with people trying to stop us and many excuses in life.


In a nutshell, Negative resource will never make a person happy!





Officer and Killings are elements that control you, give you advices, makes you do good things and bad things, corrupt you, give you strength, control you on decision making on the right and wrong, give you guts or intimidating you etc……


(Officer and Killing) their representations are society status, reputation, power, lawsuit, competition, competitors, and children related definitions. As for Female, it represents husband and boyfriends.


If Officer & Killing are in favour, the call for celebration on society status and power driven. A smooth sailing on education and career achievement! For Male perspective, will gain respect by their children. For female perspective, their husband will have society status and power.


If Officer & Killing are NOT in favour, it will be the opposite from the above! And not limited to gossiping and struggle for status and power! Dispute in sibling harmony! Female husband will be detrimental! 





Direct and Indirect Wealth are elements that we control, we are capable of doing, our skill, hands on, can handle our wife, unable to handle our wife, in control of our career, out of control in our career, know s what we want, can save or cannot save money, good and bad career and money prospects, like to work or don’t like to work etc…….


(Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth) their representations are assets, money, father, marriage, wife and children and girlfriend definitions.


If Direct & Indirect Wealth are in favour, prosperous wealth, money making opportunities abundance! Will receive help from father, woman lucks, comfortable marriage life!


If Direct & Indirect Wealth are NOT in favour, will encounter dispute in monetary related issues, sudden squander of money, broken and relationship problems and harm father.




Eating God and Hurting Officer are element that we produce, have goals, without goals, can and cannot demonstrate and perform, know when and how to please people, easily and difficult to give in or please, know how or don’t know how manage, talented or not, know how to and don’t know how to talk and express etc……


(Eating God and Hurting Officer) representations are, in pursue of ideas and goals, planning, written works, skill, public arena, manoeuvre. Not limited to children, students, subordinate definitions.


If Eating God and Hurting Officer are in favour, will be proactively pursuing the goals, higher talent and wisdom, easy career achievement! Self-motivated! Healthy Courtship and relationship! Female can conceive easily.


If Eating God and Hurting Officer are NOT in favour, Self Sabotage, Contradictory, lawsuit, over exert and hurt oneself, because of non-stop wooing girl and damage reputation and career! Harm children! Female have this will harm husband!





Friends and Rob Wealth are elements that are the same as us, our friends and supporters, do we have or don’t have characteristic, have gut or not, can decide or not, knows how to handle people or not, or harm people, listen to people or not, supportive or not, humanity or not etc…….


(Friends and Rob Wealth) representations are, career, walk the talks, decision making, policy maker, Health and safety precaution, siblings, colleague, friends and supporters definitions.


If Friends and Rob Wealth are in favour, career minded, brave and not afraid of competition, friends support!


If Friends and Rob Wealth are NOT in favour, will attract and harm by petty people, not limited to sibling betrayer, because of friend’s loss wealth! Dispute in business partnership! Harm wife and girlfriend!



The Dynamic of 10 Gods Understanding


The Derived of the 10 gods and their usage were invented by the Great Grand Master Zi Ping. The 10 gods are; Friends, Rob Wealth, Hurting Officer, Eating God, Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth, Officer, Killing, Direct Resource and Indirect Resource were derived from the 5 elements and the 5 elements were derived from Yin Yang understanding! But the usages were based on the understanding of the 10 gods on their “Productions” and “Controlling” Interpretations within the yin and yang understanding.


The 10 gods were created by infinite hours, tested, experienced and qualified by time and space. A No-Nonsense knowledge of wisdom!

By understanding the 10 gods, it helps us to better assessments of our path in our destiny.

The reading is easy but the understandings are very profound! The usage is easy but the interpretations are vast! Although, there are the so called useful gods and negative gods! But the useful can become negative and the negative can also become useful at times.


Please do not be superstitious about the word “Gods”.


Useful Gods are term “Nobel People” that are useful to us or make us useful by bringing out the best of our potential!


Negative Gods are term “Demon”! People that harm us, make use of us and influent us to do bad things!


There are also the “Dwelling Gods” and they are can fall into good and bad and it depends on a situation in a person chart!


But the Useful god can become “negative” when they support a Negative god!


And a Negative god can also become “positive” by supporting a Useful God!

In this Advance Course, you will learn the 64 types of multi-layers of reading a chart.

Luck read into chart will add an additional of 16 types of readings.

Year read into a chart will also have to add another 16 types of readings



Now ladies and gentlemen, in society, there are good officer, bad officer, ugly officer, poor officer, timid officer, dare to say and don’t dare to do officer, corrupted officer, useless officer, rich officer etc…


Although they are term officer, and in reality, they also represent husband to a female and this also tell us that there are good husband, bad husband, ugly husband, poor husband, rich husband, timid husband, corrupted husband, useless husband etc……….!


Now that you know that Officer varies, hence the reading for practicing member if they don’t know about their configuration can be quite devastating on the accuracy!


On the other hand, reading a destiny chart’s have to be careful and be certain about each relationship.


Example; about the useful god! Do you know that useful god can become negative and negative god can has their usefulness at certain time?


Can life be change? The answer is a BIG YES! How to change? The answer is already in your Destiny where it can be found in your Destiny as well! Everyone already have a Feng Shui in their life! And it already lies in your life and it can be found in your Destiny!


The Feng Shui is called your Good Luck! Once your good luck is over, your Feng Shui is also over! The question here is how to get it back? In Destiny Empire, we will show you where, when and how to get it back for good! The question is do you have the means to get it back?


There are too many people who entrust their life! I mean their entire family fortune at the mercy of a Feng Shui Master’s which they can use their fortune to learn it themselves and pass it on for generations!


Because Feng Shui and Destiny knowledge is the only knowledge that can be passed it on for generations that no other conventional study can achieve! Readers, you are encouraged to learn!