The Heaven Instillation Classic -滴天髓 8-10 Intensive days loaded with Heaven knowledge


Welcome to the world of ‘BAZI MASTER in ACTION!”


First of its kind! This course has never been taught in the English speaking world! This course uses the ancient classic text fall back around 3000 years ago. Although the book is still available in the Chinese book store but not many knows the truth meanings and the hidden “SECRETS” behind this Ancient Classics book! 


Once you learn this knowledge, BAZI is no longer a metaphor or the Chinese like to said; “Heaven Secret Cannot Reveal”. If you do not know BAZI, you call it superstitious! But once you had acquired the knowledge, you will call it Opportunities!


In The Infinite Treasure, you learned how to recognize and understand a chart with just a glance!


NOW, you are open to the WORLD of PARADIGM SHIFT READING OF A BAZI CHART! Be prepare to a Mind Blowing experience and you may call yourself MASTER confidently without any reservations!!!


This Master Course II gives you the knowledge of:


·                  How to conclude a Useful god become bad

·                  How to conclude a Negative god can become useful

·                  How to qualify a “Special Structure II”

·                  How to determine a Follow Structure

·                  How to determine a Single Element Structure

·                  The different between a Real and Fake structure

·                  What is a Double Structure

·                  What is a Hidden Clash

·                  What is a Hidden Combine

·                  Professional Understanding of “Husband and Wife”

·                  Professional Understanding of “Your Son & Daughter in your BAZI”

·                  Professional Understanding of “Your Parent & Siblings”

·                  The “How do you Know” POEMS.

·                  The Reverse Formation

·                  War Structure

·                  The King and The Advisor

·                  How to see Feng Shui in a BAZI

·                  All About Sickness

·                  And Many more…………………….!

天道 Understanding The Law of Heaven
地道 Understanding The Law of Earth
人道 Understanding The Law of Man
知命 Understanding Life
理气 Understanding The Truth about Qi
配合 Understanding Coordinate & Cooperate
天干 Understanding Heavenly Stems
地支 Understanding Earthly Branches
干支总论 Summarize of Stems and Branches
形象 Understanding Structures and Formations
方局 Understanding Seasonal frame and 3 Combination
八格 Understanding The Eight Structures
体用 Understanding Body Usage (chart)
精神 Understanding Spirit and Mind (Yin and Yang)
月令 Understanding Month in Command
生时 Understanding the Hour of Birth
衰旺 Understanding Weak and Prosperous
中和 Understanding Balance in Harmony
源流 Understanding origin and development
通关 Understanding Arbitrate
官杀 Understanding Officer and Killing
伤官 Understanding Hurting Officer
清气 Understanding Pure Qi
浊气 Understanding Chaotic Qi
真神 Understanding Genuine God
假神 Understanding Fake God
刚柔 Understanding Strong and Soft
顺逆 Understanding Follow and Against
寒暖 Understanding Cold and Warm
燥湿 Understanding Dry and Wet
隐显 Understanding The Hidden and The Obvious
众寡 Understanding Grouping and lonely
震兑 Understanding East and West
坎离 Understanding North and South
夫妻 Understanding Husband and Wife
子女 Understanding Children
父母 Understanding Parent
兄弟 Understanding sibling
何知章 Understanding How do we know chapter?
女命章 Understanding woman life
才德 Understanding talent and ability vs Virtue
奋郁 Understanding The Happy and Gloomy
恩怨 Understanding Kind and Enmity
闲神 Understanding Idle god
从象 Understanding Follows Structure
化象 Understanding Transformation
假从 Understanding Fake Follow
假化 Understanding Fake Transformation
顺局 Understanding flow Structure
反局 Understanding Reverse Structure
战局 Understanding War Structure
合局 Understanding Combine Structure
君象 Understanding as The Ruler
臣象 Understanding as The Minister
母象 Understanding as Mother Image
子象 Understanding as The Children Image
性情 Understanding Characters
疾病 Understanding Illnesses
出身 Understanding outcome of a person life after birth
地位 Understanding Status
岁运 Understanding Lucks and Age
贞元 Understanding The Beginning of Start


Following are two example of the course materials:


月令 – Understanding Month in Command


Month is the syllabus of governing house, acting as a house, Heaven use stem, Earth use branches and Man use hidden stem branches. The reference point of all houses.


The months tell us about Heaven, Earth and Man. It tell us the given environment outcome from the month, it tell us what kind of useful god that is requires in the month, it tell us what characters is hidden within us from the month. Month represent our house, it also help us to determine on our house facing, one’s must take seriously! For example; after the 7 days of spring, Wu earth in command, and the 8 – 14 days Bing fire in command, and 15 onwards and the last day before the next transition is Jia in command. With this understanding, we can determine on the quality of the structure for selection to be use.


Month in command is a very important factor in one’s life. The weather, the structure, the useful god, all has direct or indirect relationship with the month. Example: large house or buildings that is unable to move, shift or change. And if Man is the usage, then the month and day will be the deciding factor. Just like passage way of a house, have to be sure of the selection!


One of the Feng Shui Classic “Earth Profound Pivot Classic” said; the universe of law is the center of all influence and Qi (space) and time is in command in this aspect; the Qi is in command therefore landscape have their true characters. And the strength of Qi is being categories as Heaven. That’s why Heaven Qi moves on top. And Man can respond from it. The Earth Qi moves downwards and the Heaven Qi follow. And base on this interpretation, If Man is in command, although there are supports and assist to the structure command, and it will still be ideal if the Heaven and Earth can be in unity! And in order to know Man, we can find out thru Heaven. And if Heaven is the usage, is good to have the earth as command. In a nutshell, Man must be in command, than one can know to invite the good and prevent the bad!


生时 – Understanding the Hour of Birth


The hour that we born represent towards the end of our time (life expire), just like our tomb stone. (Man) will be base to determine on the useful god so as to determine on the location of buried. There is a differentiation in terms of usage between (Heaven, Earth and Man) and we have understood each different usage!


Rat hour, the first 6 hour represent Ren as usage, is the same as pig surplus Qi, because hour also has it seasonal influence, even surplus itself also carries front and back usage! This is derived from the chief in command (year,month,day,hour)all have their own command, depend on which frame to starts for reading? Example base on hours usage, the outcome will be the same as month command, depend on the usefulness and non-usefulness towards the day master. Example; If the hour usage happen that the usage is a negative god, than it will add in the disaster! To differentiate whether the timing is good or bad is just like a facing or opening of a tomb stone! (Man and Earth usage) is just like a facing tomb stone. This differentiation must be understood first! The open grave is auspicious but the facing is wrong, will reduce the auspicious point. And when the location is bad but the facing is auspicious, than the bad will be reduced accordingly! (Please bear this in mind!) for instance Bing day master with pig hour, the vast water, represent killing to Bing, if Jia can be use, that means, both auspicious location and usage facing is already there; another instance; Xin day master with goat hour, Ji earth is the main qi of goat, represent the resource of Xin, if Ding fire become the usage, than the location is auspicious but the facing is bad! Although this may be the reason, but when the time is not in proper or favor, 9 out of ten will be accurate! Because time is not in our jurisdiction, how can we differentiate the good and bad? We can use other dimension instate of using Man because of time factor. Example Heaven landscape, Heaven location and also Heaven facing! Heaven facing will certainly have Heaven water as well, as long as hours pillar is usable, than good and bad can be able to prove effective!


Back to the speech, even though, using Man will also cannot prove more effective than using the Earth(month) as usage! As for landscape, there are too much to differentiate because there are also many way that to bring in fortune, even meeting with disaster can be heavy and light, even people have good and evil, can also turn into fortune and disaster, The scope cannot be limited because many people had already or maybe encounter or see it happen! Readers ought to understand it.


This MASTER COURSE will be taught using many lives cases and recommend solutions and actions to cushion the bad effect.


A Power packed interaction! All questions will be answer using logical application!