The Infinite Treasure Classic – 穷通宝鉴 12 Intensive days loaded with Infinite knowledge


Welcome to the world of Infinite Possibilities when you acquire the knowledge of Infinite Treasure!


This knowledge has been used in China during the 3 Kingdom of wars and had won enormous battles! 


The Greatest knowledge that a person can learn is understanding a date, choose a date and use it for an occasion that will benefits you! 


Every dates contain a life scenario because everyday in every timing there is a new life coming into existence. You yourself is one of the example that came into existence. A life, be it good, bad, wealthy, poor, noble or despicable will not happen without a date!


Remember this, dates selection only practise in ancient time to serve the Emperor! and now you have the chance to learn it in your once in a lifetime.


There is a saying, things happen for a reason and the rational behind this reason is the place, the timing and the people. A date will tell you the outcome of a situation be it good or bad. The important factor is to understand it first. Once you understand it, you can choose to anticipate into the situation or you can choose not to anticipate. But remember, YOU have to Understand it first before you do anything!!! 


Everything has a date!


·                  When you buy a house, the date you sign the purchase agreement is a date of birth of the property.

·                  When you married, the engagement day and signing is the date of birth for both parties.

·                  The registration date of a company is a day of birth to the company

·                  The purchase agreement of  buying a car is the date of birth between the car and you.

·                  Two parties signing a contract agreement is a date of birth between the two parties.

·                  The date of a new born baby is the date of birth of a new life.

·                  Why you lost your ring? because of the date and time of purchased

·                  Why your car always gave you problems because of the date and time of purchased

·                  After you purchased your house, you fell something? you can find it in the purchased date


You will also be taught your life door in your life! don’t make mistake about it!


How a door facing, blend into your date of birth and trinitize into the date energy where a purpose or objective that you want to achieve!


·                  How to determine a chart is Wealthy and Noble

·                  How to recognize a chart is wealthy but not noble

·                  How to recognize a chart is noble but not wealthy

·                  How to recognize a chart is poor and despicable

·                  How to recognize a chart is poor but not despicable

·                  How to recognize a chart is despicable but not poor

·                  How to recognize a Special Structure

·                  What is the criteria of a Special Structure

·                  How to interpret on lucks influence to the chart

·                  How to interpret a year influencing the lucks and chart

·                  How to see a bad luck and what to help during this period

·                  How to see Good luck fall inside a Bad luck

·                  How to see Bad Luck fall inside a Good luck

·                  How to read and audit a BAZI chart like a MASTER

·                  How to recommend solution and action in a BAZI audit


This MASTER COURSE will be taught using many lives cases and recommend solutions and actions to cushion the bad effect.


A Power pack interaction! All questions will be answer using logical application!