Feng Shui introduction


Feng Shui was used in the early age of mankind.

How Feng Shui was used in our early age from our great grant ancestor was basically “common sense” to tell time in terms of the day and night!


Part One – How Feng Shui was used in earlier stage.

The Early man lives in caves where the position the door way facing the East and Back sitting on the West. Because the Sunrise from the east and with the door facing the direction, they know is day time and when the cave turns dark, they know it’s time to make fire as the sun is setting behind them! Common sense One!


Part Two – How Feng Shui was used in the later stage after the early man.

Understanding the usage of North and South!

The Water flows. Water always flows downwards. The North location is always higher than the South location. If you place your door facing the North, chances your house or caves will be flooded! And water always settle and contains at a lower ground where farming is easy to achieved and harvest is only a matters of time. Common sense Two!


The North Supports the back of the House and South door facing were the most common practices until today! In Feng Shui terminology is called A Emperor Jade belt. See sample image below.





Picture of Houses where a Jade Belts is present.  

So now, with these few line, everyone can call themselves a Feng Shui Master!

An Emperor Jade Belt Feng Shui is an all-time favourite for the last decade and people are still using it!

Many hotels, Houses, apartments, Shopping malls, etc all have or already had water fountain or water features in front of their premises! So is everyone having a good Feng Shui? Of cause not! That is just common sense already practice since early man!


Let’s get serious!

Understanding the Early Heaven and Later Heaven. Sample profile below:



First and foremost, Forms don’t change and Energy changes according to a certain temperature.


Example below table is a scenario of the start of spring, and spring doesn’t change every year. But the energy does!


When Heaven and Earth meet meaning when the “Energy become Forms”!


But a note to take, NOT all Energy can become Form! Even if it does, it does not mean it is at all good! It will depend on which Energy use it! Because every energy, represent a certain Day Master to a person.

And because of that, every person will react to an environment differently. If you like it, doesn’t mean everyone will like it! It is because we are all influence by a certain energy which is called a “Day Master” and a certain group of forms which we called them “seasons”.

All these energy and Forms derived on a sophisticated calculation that we called “Date of Birth”, and a chart of nature is born. Example below:


 Heaven Earth Man

With this chart, we can read and interpret a person life on their Ups and Downs, everything you want to know, it is all there! Unless a person learns and understand from the cause and effect of this nature of his/her, the person can change their mind set of thinking, everything will start to change immediately!


The things that can be change are all the people and relationships in our life and not the wealth and society status!


What does all this have anything to do with Feng Shui?


Ancient time, the actual application of understand on the use of Feng Shui is about the right timing! Yes, I am talking about the “Indispensable Art of date Selection”.


A good date can make a good sovereignty and vice versa!


A good date to move into a premise, buy a house, make an investment decision, marriage, contract or agreement signing can make happy or deadly changes that you will not think possible. I know is scary but don’t be, it happening now, every day!


There are also a table that come with a date of birth chart, and they are called “The Lucks Pillar”. Sample below:



Our date of birth tells us our live and people around us and the Lucks tell us our good period and bad period and they consist of a start and ending of a certain timeframe!


A person’s success and failure largely depends on themselves! That’s why a date selection is so important in Ancient time where only people with high ranking can learn about this knowledge to prevent attack, administer, elect and assist the Emperor for decision making for the country the served.


The Application of Feng Shui in a date selection is very dynamic. Once a good date is selected, everyone can use it but not a Feng Shui land!


Before a Feng Shui land is choose, we have to look at a person date of birth for accessing the rightful owner to stay if not, there is absolutely no logic and rubbish!


Feng Shui is very science and can be explain logically on the events and outcome after a land is selected for the right candidate.


The who, why, when, what and how is person can and will be affected after and almost immediately after family moves in.


And the best person to judge all this is yourself and you have to learn it yourself because you are the Emperor and the knowledge serve as your decision for your family, Your Business, Your Empire as an industrialist, A Government in a country, An Advisor to a nation and for the better of mankind!


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Benson Yeo