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上篇 – First Scroll


There is no doubt about the Great Grant Master the founder of Feng Shui Yang Gong! Almost all the Feng Shui you can find today were one way or another an abstract from his written Masterpiece.

Books that he wrote are as follow:

《天玉經》Heavenly Jade Classic

《青囊奧語》The Green Satchel Profound Classic

《都天寶照經》Heaven Metropolis Treasure,

《撼龍經》The Dragon Movement and Vibration Classic

《疑龍經》The Doubts of the Dragon Classic

The most talk about are the highlights in RED:

·                  “Xuan Kong Da Gua and the 64 Hexagrams the most talk about were all from the “Heavenly Jade Treasure”, the first classics from the top! The studies of Feng Shui world never leave this classic and is the most arguementative around the Chinese world till today. And every person had their own discovery on the connotation base on the hexagram study. The Heaven Metropolis Treasure clearly said that the understanding and approach on Feng Shui were never come from the hexagram school of thoughts!  

·                  “Early and Later Heavenly Dragon Gate 8 formation” 

·                  Flying stars was an abstract from this classic as well and it is more relevant in terms of a predictive tools rather than application of Feng Shui. Master Yang Gong did not mention anything about flying stars in all of his classics.

·                  8 Mansion was the most early discovered through the classic and the application was based on the 4 opposite Gua from the 8! Nevertheless, 8 mansions Gua is not part of Master Yang Gong approach! My personal experience, the 8 mansion is more relevant to Feng Shui because of the personal Gua linking to the Gua from the house landscaping where a Heaven and Earth are connecting! I will give it a 20% marks. Because the Gua is only link to a person year and without taking the month, day and hour into consideration and that is why 20%. A Bazi is actually a BaGua! A point to note, if a personal Gua is negative to the individual and apply into 8 mansion and also connected into another negative Gua, the person life can go Chaos! Please be careful! 

·                  And by the way, for 8 mansion approach, it is not about getting your "Sheng Qi", "Heavenly Doctor" etc.......! if it is that simple, everyone can become a Feng Shui master! Just like Flying Stars, there were already a lot of Flying Star Master but never a Feng Shui Master!

·                  As for Early and later Heaven Water and Dragon "Dragon Gate Eight Dynamic Structure", modern master already break the Yin and Yang apart from the classic and when come to the approach, they try to congregate by connecting them again as one! classics already mention that they can never be break apart as Yin and Yang are always together and is always in connection!

·                  Xuan Kong DaGua! think carefully, is the approach for you? or you are just doing it for the environment? if it is for the environment and not for you, then why are people doing that?

·                  I would urge those who really want to learn and acquire the knowledge, I had upload the translated Classic here! Why go around the mountain and terraine and search for meridian spot and veins where there are 60 of them already presents before your very eye in your Destiny. They are called the invisible Water and Mountain everywhere!

·                  If Classic said so, they will also include an explanation why they said and the reason behind each saying! and never an excuse of because classic said so! Reading classics, we MUST and have to be careful only if the author's is reliable, then their work is worth the research period!  

Should you have any doubts or questions, I can be reach at benson@destinyempire.com or (65) 9171 9954.

The Blue ones were landscaping Feng Shui as it is quiet challenging now as in modern landscape. If you acquire this knowledge, not only it will attract people, the best, it will become an iconic symbol and command much respect with the know-how!

Great Grand Master Yang work is authoritative and influential!

In the Chinese world, Great Grand Master Yang Gong were given a nickname “Master Yang, saviour of the Poor”

The governing life of a person fortune is very much depending on out Heaven Lucks!

Whether a person is worthy of themselves, is to know themselves well enough!


The proper way of burial the poor and despicable can blossom with prosperity too! 
It all depend if the meridian spot of the dragon is real at the time of burial! 
If the dragon is hidden in the mountain, hanging in suspend!


If the tuning of sand and star align, it can use to receive the Qi, and once burial, fortune will come to father and glory will go to the children!


A good dragon will have a sudden stand out from a normal situation, and it can be in hundreds of mile away or coming from hundreds miles! And it can be track and mostly derived from the ancestor dragon and star alignment! This will be the “Real” Dragon Bone!


The prosperity of prospect is from period after period where our children and grandchildren are born.
Civil and military also come from the separation of different veins.
If there is a huge rivulet, you should move to that location and stay and stay away from the other mountains.


Every mountain will come and face the month eventually, the stay must be within the circumference of the town. Look out for the terrain from the mountain as the water way, once you find it, the rich and powerful will surface!


When the period of the Dragon surface and “rob”, fortune will come non-stop!
When the meridian spot meeting with a 3 curve of Dynasty, a bureaucracy will be born! 


If you understand how the stream and mountain gorge runs, fortune will come for generation!


There is huge water ways everywhere, find out which mountain is staying there, lock your door way in the same direction, the general is there!


Look out for a star that rise above all, it may be miles away and only water can retain them! (How water is being used!) The dynamic of how Wind ”Feng” and Water “Shui” can be apply into houses and landscaping! The “Secret of Secret”! The “Wind” can dispersed and “Water” can capture and retained!


When 2 water is used, ignore the sand. But look at the high mountains if they are coming closely together as a whole! 

Because this is term huge landscaping, the world is of emptiness without man! No matter how the mountain embrace or manifest! (Read as many times as possible in this line! Be curious what this line said!)


For facing the water, look at the outer layer. Don’t talk about the back supports! To define the movement of the meridian spot must look at the center portion as well as the Dragon Head! 


Do not doubt the dynamic approach and application from Master Yang Gong. 


Most huge mountain is called Military Judge and their veins are difficult to define from the stars. 
But when a person is born, the scenario will be much easy to find!


Water is separated from the ridge and the usage of compass can find out a way out!
Every period will have different gap and if you know which gap to use, it will definitely be beneficial!


When the veins is starts from the R position, you will need to follow from the  position to find and do not be mistaken from  and  as the connections! Once the connection is wrong, don’t waste your time searching as you will never find what you want! 


子癸午丁 represent the period from Heaven, 卯乙酉辛 are the same as well. Should there be mountain and water come together, be careful of the meridian spot as they are separate half between 乾坤艮巽!
Make sure your application make sense and see what is the first half and second half contains in 


If there is a supporting star from the mountain, it will be lucky.
辰戌丑未 represent the period from Earth and the marriage couple can be found in 乾坤艮巽.

The “Marriage couple” means when the two connect, nature is born! And “NOT” a husband and wife married!!!


甲庚壬丙 as facing and use the Greedy Wolf veins as Dragon!
寅申巳亥 represent the period from Man and is coming, 乙辛丁癸 water can be the instillation process!

The word “coming” can means as follow:

·                  The coming mountain outside your boundary

·                  The coming of a certain Year, month, day and hour.

·                  The coming of a lucks


Even if the Greedy Wolf is a lucky, 寅坤申艮 should not open as a door!!! 
巳丙 is good to open a through the heaven gate, 亥壬 is good to have a door open through 巽风 position.


Greedy Wolf will take a longer time to prosperous if it is done wrongly!
Till now many don’t know the know-how on opening a door, finding a meridian spot location and position!
Finding the right house and the right burial must look at the beneficial period!
Where children of nobility can be found!


Whether looking for house or burial ground, must be correspondence to the Dragon.
And is not about looking at beautiful surrounding! As long the coming guest pay respect to the owner, and most of the time if the owner reside in the East, the guest will come from West!


中篇 – Middle Scroll


The world is of emptiness without man, why bother so much on the back mountain!
Because people do not understand the mystical tactic, and though that is good to have a back mountain!


The mountain appear in the world is of emptiness. Even the land, grave and house is emptiness and the mountain is empty but only if one knows!


If Doubts bother you, Track the period come and go, and the mountain is not empty, the Qi will be there as well. You just need the do the tracing of the period!


There are invisible back Dragon and it cannot be seen! Empty Dragon is as good as a dead Dragon! When Heaven and Earth meet, there is always a meridian spot! Instil with water first and you will not be fear by the wind! 


Look at the old tomb of a high ranking official, and find what meridian spot they used because it rises against all odds!子午卯酉 4 Dragon mountains, if they are seated correctly in 乾坤艮巽宫 palace, than the outcome will be the same! 


Don’t base on the Yin and Yang of the Ba Gua because the enormous error in the placement of the Yin and Yang! There are in total 120 boundless tactic comes from the actual Mystical tactics!

***Tips: The Yin and Yang of the 60甲子! All the 120 boundless tactics is from there! 


A coming mountain must connect with the meridian spot of the position Dragon!
The work will be paid off if the back is empty!
The Emperor sits on Emperor Position and opens Emperor Door, the Emperor Palace hall and empties the back!

As long as a facing is RIGHT! The job is done!

This is serious mistake that a lot of people make, with a back mountain especially when the back mountain is huge! The bigger the mountain, the more intense stress a person will experience! If it is serious enough it will put you to sleep and other side effects, a life of solitary! 

Not knowing that the best Mountain usage is the “Invisible Mountain”!


This back mountain pseudo has been intoxicate many people especially the Chinese! And many Emperors had forbidden an empty back! This knowledge in hidden in the East!
If people can understand the Yin and Yang, Earthworm will transform into Celestial Dragon!


子午卯酉 the 4 Dragons, if the Branch can stimulates the Stem will be most beneficial.
乙辛丁癸 can meet with the individual Dragon veins, the effects will be half good and half bad!


There were many sitting and facing of 乾坤艮巽 position, stimulates the correct Dragon of 辰戌丑未 4 Mountains stimulates the correct 甲庚丙壬 for burial. 


This concept of is correct if used correctly. This kind of nobility and reputation is priceless!
And this kind of official must be present first in one life, Children and gran children will have special telant!


Ba Gua is not the Mystical Tactics, the failure is due to the incompetence of using the Gua, and there is no usage of Gua to make a high ranking official! Gua is an education of showing us how nature works between Heaven and Earth connection!


In all cases, Yin Mountain and Yang Water is the Real Fortune if one can understand its true meaning!
But if you don’t know, after a burial can also bring about disastrous children! 
Do not be greedy to have 
good peaks and ridges, when there is coming water, use water to retain them!

The Mystical Tactics have its own meaning and we ought to find out first. Examine the Dragon lay and check every mountain, if one that bring australian online casinos the official, after the burial, it will have high ranking official! But for some, Official cannot be used! 


Always use the above mentioned first, always find out first! The real facing can be found above the Branch and look for the Ancestor Dragon veins. 10 gods can also be found at the meridian spot! 


寅申巳亥 rife with the Dragon, 乙辛丁癸 moves with the Water.
When the Mountain and water meets, Pure house and prosperous with scholarly honor!


The former Sun ZhongShan was burial under this kind Water and Mountain, ever since then, his reputation were heard for many years to come. The coming Mountain should find the correct sitting meridian spot and the back emptiness of Mountain meaning, the Back Mountain is actually invisible! That’s why, people don’t have to really know him in person instead people are talking about him!


The state of Government as the structure, follow were the people that uses 乙辛丁癸

Fan Li (536-488 BC), politician of Yue state, businessman and economist
Xiao He (-193 BC), famous strategist and chancellor,
Han Xin (-196 BC), famous general of first Han emperor Liu Bang


 亥壬 is a good Match and 巳丙 will have the same meaning.
寅申巳亥 will be good to have 乙辛丁癸 to connect!


The purple crimson is obvious; it will manifest glory and honour! The 3 characters and 5 elements as above will be read as king! The returning Dragon facing the ancestor must look at the water ways and if it can be use, will have child of prodigy


The classic had already mentioned about the empty back mountain. Now they are touching on the meridian spot. The meridian spot must arrive at the palace. For qualifying a premise you can find out if a premise back is it supported by Dragon Mountain.


For a burial perspective, Greeted by sand can have a higher structure and for the embracing wall, centralized the meridian spot. The centralization can base on the drawing for accuracy and the Aristocracy and Lord as the descendant! 


The Heaven secret of the mystical tactics comes in many different ways as there are 120 of them, and in Ba Gua approach, there is only one Gua can do the linking!   
If you can find out 
乾坤艮巽 each of the individual that they will follow and 乙辛丁癸 falls into which palace, you have to link them up!


甲庚壬丙 go to which location, where to find the connecting and don’t use 辰戌丑未 as the tactics here! Don’t use the Ba Gua as the guide! 


Noble official comes from 乾坤艮巽
Abundance Estate comes from 乙辛丁癸
Glory and Honor comes from 甲庚壬丙

Once burial correctly, will have prodigy children!


Before examine which mountain uses which water, superimpose the compass for any measurement, the 5 starts is not the real method and technique! And the most important of all, you must find a good door and the door is so important that they put the name under the City Gate! In short, this City Gate is the door on every person house! Your house door is also one of it!

If you house the wrong Door! That’s it! So it is advisable before you buy any house, get the advice first! No point getting a consulting when the house is already decided and bought!

In this world, only about 5-10% of people get their right door and you can call them a few lucky ones!


To know this 5 stars “City Gate” on its technique and method, it will bring extremely good fortune! 
People don’t know about this dynamic secret and jump straight into the Gua systems!


Don’t ask about how the dragon mountain and their veins, the sand patch and water ways! Just follow the Great Grant Master Metropolis City Gate method and technique! Even a close father pro-son will not talk about this!


Anyone person who acquire this knowledge is as good as their preceding fate that they had discovered this!
Most of the world talented human being transcendent through their personal City Gate!
worldly being only sees what can be seen and cannot sees what cannot be seen and mostly look for nice and good looking surrounding as good! Not knowing that there are invisible chaos water and upside down mountains!


Modern master only know and talk about Ba Gua and separated the Yin and Yang into two sections!
And said Yin Mountain only uses Yang Water and Yin Water only uses Yang Mountain to capture! Not knowing that Yin and Yang comes in a single body!


Common people don’t understand Heaven secret and the mystical tactics, and chaos the mountain, and harm society and disastrous always come before fortune! 


Saying if Yang without Yin cannot forma and Yin without Yang cannot conceive! And Yang Water and Yin Mountain must connect, so that children will be glory and honor!


The Heaven Metropolis Da Gua always consists of Yin and Yang and they are its way on look at different water. 
If you can find out the meaning of Mountain and Water, then you can talk about the Yin and Yang! 


No one acquire “Heaven Metropolis Treasure”! Because most people are busy searching Dragon veins on the mountain and some even riding horse running around mountains after mountains! 


Most people searching for the highest mountain tip for fortune some said there are 3 mystics on Heaven and Earth have 6 purposes! Heaven have 9 stars and Earth and 9 Palace! And unable to comprehend Great Grant Master method and technique!


Modern Master only knows the Earth have 12 Branches and Heaven have 10 stems! Stems are Yang and Branches is Yin! But do not know the real significant of the usage!


If one can truly understand and acquire the meaning of Yin and yang movement and stillness and engage them into marriage where it is as good as reviewing the mystical secret!



下篇 – Final Scroll


When the real Dragon is found, the left dragon and right tiger no longer matter. 
And form a Water Metropolis; get ready for the celebration with amethyst clothing after the burial. 


The S water shape is in front of meridian spot, the sand locking the meridian spot is also natural is a storage of wealth!


The left and right of the meridian spot is breaking the spot, the dragon will definitely curl and twisting around.
And if the breaking spot creates a mellifluous, that means an official is waiting for your ride!


The utmost important of the perspective on looking at the Burial and House is the middle! 


The outside sun can be seen easily. The water is wrapping around just like wearing a jade belt!
There is also the inner sun that sits on the meridian spot! And this mystical method attracts opportunities everywhere!


Straight and direct water is considered ominous if they are not beneficial to use. A straight line is a gun. Two lines is called threatening water. Three lines are criminal injuries.


Four lines namely four deaths! 8 lines are namely calamity! The lines that create a curved back is namely Dragging Sword! It is better to be careful and prevent it at all cost!


Modern teacher only said the inverse sand will have immediate disastrous and is best to move away but this kind of sand can be seen everywhere!


The Straight water also appear on the head, will become vicious, shameless and immorality!
This water is name as Locking Rope! And it is as good as hanging oneself!


Water comes from the left will injure the elder son, coming from the right youngest son and directly the middle son!


Straight water from North, East, South and West will cuts all roots and affects descendent!
Bad reputation will be known everywhere and in the end will live a solitary life!


Water comes from Southeast woman will go with other man!


When comes to burial, prevent all the straight water!


There are good and bad water! Heaven and Earth water per say. When Heaven water is removed, although will not affect opportunity but will not be glory! But descendent will be affected! 
But when the Heaven water is disastrous and it is been removed, instead it will brings celebrations! 


Polluted water is a cause for concern! Do not make the mistake by using them! If not it will be sorrow instead of fortune!


Should there be any water head be removed, first, it must find the reference point to access first before finalizing the good and bad of the removal!


Majority of Grave and houses believe in having a mountain behind them and not know that mountain can block the Yang energy and promoting the Yin energy! And in the end, either they live in solitary or woman became widow and men lonely! 


Mountain from North, Northwest, Northeast, South and Southwest coming Dragon if they can connect with the right water can become lucky!


Mountain from West, East, Central and Southeast coming dragon as fierce dragon!
The Grave and House is better not to have any connection with them! Although the naked eye only sees the beauty of the surrounding but when a mistake is made, at the end of the day, bad omen will review itself! 


The coming Mountain Dragon become an open door! The clash and duplication can become curse of disastrous! What can cause the separation and harms the Tiger Snake. A scenario of guilty exile on the ground of execution!


With the understanding of the 3 stars and 5 lucky doors, disastrous can become opportunity!
But opening a wrong door will also cause regrets and misery!


Why running around in your dynasty! Because of wealth that causes anger! But if the help teacher is not clear about the problems, the head of the tomb should use officer to help! 


There are 3 realms for defining the dragon, and it must use the parent realm to define!
if one can understand the mountain, one will know which mountain to connect!


The Odd stem connects with the Even branch! And every period have its own engagement!
If the Yin and Yang is connected wrongly, the overall prosperity will not last long!


Every dragon represents one period! And fortune will last for one period!
If the period is a chaos period, it will also only last for one period!
One must know the veins coming from which ancestor body, knowing how to trace will know the differences!


One must know the promising ground where the Dragon resides. The connection of Heaven and Earth makes Dragon! The married couple will show you where their prominent veins lay!
With this, look at the Heaven!   


The capturing of small water from ocean water, do not control the water and fortune will last long!
The water mouth and stone can be done by human, and this have to follow and support the Heaven!


If a coming Dragon is not clearly defines its purpose, if the stem comes out of the branch, the mountain will be term Fortune Mountain! Open the door to this Fortune Mountain, and wealth and officer will arrives in a matters of days! 


乾坤艮巽 veins cave in, and is not affected by the period, and the door open to the water of甲庚壬丙, children and grandchildren will rise!


If there are 3 different landscapes that come and merge with the door veins and do not cause any conflicts, it will bestow with 3 generations of nobility reputation! This is from the Ancient experience perspective!


Majority of fortune Dragon come from the Earthly God! And when it comes to Heaven than the usage will be different! Earth is the wife and Heaven the Husband! When Heaven control Earth, it will be a dead dragon!


If 子癸 is fortune than 壬子 will be misfortune! If you can understand the different between the 3, you will know each of the meridian spot to use on 乾坤艮巽! The water that comes will be the real Dragon!


One must know the real Dragon and the Real meridian spot! It is inside the dragon! If the 3 period is not chaos than the dragon is real! If the meridian spot can be use the results will be mystically favourable!


Money cannot buy this mystical knowledge! Even the Fortunate does not mean that they can have easy access to it or understanding it! If it base on the drawing, all facing will be easy to define, glory and wealth comes in different ways with different people!


Modern teacher don’t understand and just drag along! And cannot understand how long a period will last and cannot explain why it fails! One dragon represents one period! The timeframe is subjected to how long and short the dragon can manifest!


There should not be clutter in the starts, mid and end of the seasons!
Although there are 1 – 9 Dragon stars, but the numbers of period is unlimited especially when the timing is of fortune and favorable, this the time will last longer. A person well-off is depending on the significant period and how long it can last!



~ End of Scroll ~