The Concept

In the Ancient Chinese metaphysics world, we believe our body is part of nature towards a bigger nature where we call her mother nature.

The cause of illnesses can be found and understood in a person date of birth!

Every person is born unique even with the same date of birth because the places of birth is different, and this gives us an environment understanding of what is actually causing the problem of a person health!

From the perspective of health, some are born with it since birth and some happen in a given time frame! all this can be analysis through a birthday and the place of birth as well.

Below are a table showing us each nature is represented by a health scenario;


Below is a sample of a date of birth health report for analysis of a possible occurring problem or a given coming of a health problem;

The Diagnostic and The Cause


The weather condition and temperature of a date of birth chart are largely will have a direct impact towards a health problem;

  1. The environment is too cold
  2. The environment is too hot
  3. The environment is too dry
  4. The environment is too wet
  5. The Liver is not healthy
  6. The Gall Bladder is not healthy
  7. The Small Intestine problem
  8. The Heart problem
  9. The Spleen is not healthy
  10. The Stomach problem
  11. The Colon problem
  12. The Lungs problem
  13. The Kidney problem
  14. The Bladder Problem


The 5 senses are the expression through our organ and reflect out as an expression.

As the saying goes, what we think and feel is what we will become!

The body that we govern is a reflection of a small nature towards a larger nature where we call her our mother nature. Hence, we will experience the pleasantness or discomfort if our environment changes, we must learn to accept and live through the changing environment even if we are not happy about it!

Another way of saying would be, if we already acquire a given illnesses in the nature we born, it is our responsibility to make sure that they don’t surface. And if it does, it will become critical and terminal!

If we know the cause of this, we can prevent the extreme pain or discomfort at all course! We just need to maintain and make sure the weakest or strongest organ have to tackle first!

And this is exactly the purpose of this book is written. You are in control of your life and you decide for yourself because you report to yourself, your happiness and integrity of living your life is at the ending of your biography. We live with the purpose of a responsibility for ourselves and the people we love period!   


The 5 Elements Health Diagnostic

Tree and Flower, Tiger and Rabbit see Iron, Gold, Monkey or Rooster health scenario;

  • Scared, frighten and Timid

  • TB Illness

  • Vomiting of Blood

  • Mental dizziness, disorientated and confused

  • Cannot see clearly, eye diseases

  • Breathe heavily, phlegm, mucus and spittle

  • Headache

  • Athlete's foot

  • Paralysis, palsy, numbness of Limbs

  • Facial nerve paralysis

  • Wind Disease

  • Muscles; tendons; bone; skeleton aches and pains

  • Dry Skin

  • Loss of hair

  • Injuries prone

  • Upset hands and legs

  • Degenerated fetus

  • Blood is not circulating

  • Night whimper

  • Night Cough



Sun and Fire, Horse and Snake see Water, Rain, Pig and Rat health scenario;

  • Small Intestine, Heart and menstruation illnesses

  • Speechless, Heart aches and pain

  • Easily frighten

  • Throat hoarse

  • Overly Heat and become insane, mad; violent; wild

  • Loss of sight

  • Kidney problems

  • Tumor, boil, sore, wound by poison and dirty blood

  • Children Smallpox; measles; rash; fever; ringworm

  • Excessive loss of blood during menstruation

  • Quick-tempered

  • Red Face

  • Classic said; eye problems are mainly due to Fire encounter water


Mountain, Soil, Dragon, Dog, goat and Ox see Tree, Flower, Tiger and Rabbit health scenario;

  • Gall Bladder, Bile, Stomach and Digestive system problems.

  • Diaphragm and upset stomach

  • Choke; hiccup; poison; swell and diarrhoea.

  • Loss of appetite, and can only eat selectively

  • Vomit, Spleen and Pancreas suffering

  • Left Hand, Mouth and Stomach will have problems

  • Childhood disease and illnesses

  • Jaundice

  • Earth represent warm, too much water will block up, obstruct; stagnant and will cause paralysis; impotence

  • Classic said, Weak earth encounter wood season, Spleen and Pancreas illnesses  


Iron, Gold, Monkey and Rooster see Sun, Fire, Snake and Horse health scenario;

  • Large Intestines or Colon and Lungs problems

  • Cough, breathe heavily and vomiting

  • Intestines wind, haemorrhoids

  • Nightmare and loss of soul and spirit

  • Disease, illness, ailment problems due to over work and drain physical health

  • Withered decaying dry skin

  • Nose problems, jaundice; disorders of stomach and fish scale skin

  • Classic said, weak metal encounter fire, Blood disease will be difficult to avoid.


Water Rain, Pig and Rat see four seasons earth health scenario;

  • Bladder and Kidney problems

  • Loss of mood or moods wing due to muddy, turbid, dirty kidney or bladder

  • Night sweats

  • Nightmare, frighten and overly suspicious

  • Timid

  • Deaf

  • Typhoid

  • Cold

  • Toothache

  • Hernia

  • Slanting

  • lower back pain

  • Vomit, pain and aching

  • Miscarriage

  • Leucorrhoea discharge

  • Dark Face

  • Classic said; cold illness is due to earth controlling it.

Liver is the sprout of Kidney, Kidney is the main component of Liver, and Kidney is connected to the eye. Bile contains Soul, Kidney contains Energy, The Heart and Mind contains Spirit (Moods), The Liver contains the energy of Vitality!

In Essence, The Kidney and Heart contain “The spirit; mind; consciousness; thought; mental; psychological; essence; gist.”

Hence, it is good to look at the Kidney, Liver, Heart and Bile for any problems first!