Digestive system

In Chinese Metaphysics or TCM, The Nature of Soil represents the Stomach in the human body. Stomach likes Harmony!


The above table highlighted represents the "Stomach". If your health chart appears anyone of those, you may have chances of having Stomach problems!


I will place "Stomach" as the 2nd Major cause of a problems when it comes to illnesses!


Because what we eat will go straight into our stomach. and if our stomach is not healthy, we will experience


·                  Food poisoning

·                  In-digestion

·                  Bloating Stomach

·                  Stomach ulcers

·                  Respiration problems

·                  Gastric (Affecting the Spleen)


Understanding the Stomach



stomach 72


First, we will have to look into as a nature perspective, example a Soil.


Soil contain a lot of nutrients and they are used for agriculture purpose! In order for the Soil to create their magic (Meaning Grow take place), first, they need the Sun! Just like all agriculture needs. and to maintain its constant moisture, its needs to be wet and not dry! If there is Sun and sentimental water, you will have a "Healthy Stomach".


Stomach acid plays a very important role in the human immune system by destroying the harmful parasites and bacteria that are ingested with food by chance. It is the stomach acid that actually activates the enzyme pepsin required for the digestion of proteins.



Understanding the Cause! 


There are many causes to a Stomach problem, first is what we eat and second are the following that can be found in our date of birth meaning the date we are born.

Some called it hereditary diseases. 


Put aside what we eat. Most of the Stomach problems can be found in the date of birth of every person:

·                  The Stomach is too dry

·                  The Stomach is too wet

·                  Soil born in the Rabbit season

·                  Water and Wet Soil meets

·                  Ox or Goat meet Rabbit

·                  Ox and Goat Clash

·                  Ox and Rat Combine

·                  Soil Trap in Horse


So the Soil problems is not so much on the soil itself but its surrounding environment instead. We should try to look at above environment to find out the cause of the stomach! 


The symptoms


·                  Skin problems

·                  Gastric

·                  Diabetes

·                  Digestive problem

·                  Abdominal pain

·                  Gall Bladder problem

·                  Respiration problem

·                  Bladder problem

·                  Stomach Cancer

·                  Skin Cancer


Prevention is as good as curing in advance!