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Feng Shui Consultation

For the economic and development of a well balanced society, Feng means Air and Shui means Water! Air is the outcome of water and water is also the outcome of Air Air is above water and water is below air! What Feng Shui is trying to tell us? It means Heaven and Earth is unity!

  • How Feng Shui is discovered?
  • Feng Shui is discovered through Heaven and Earth?
  • What is Heaven and Earth?
  • Stem represents Heaven and Branches represents Earth!
  • What is Stem and Branches?
  • 甲乙丙丁戊己庚辛壬癸 represent STEMS and 寅卯辰巳午未申酉戌亥子丑 represent branches!
  • Stems and branches connect all represent a certain Feng Shui for an individual and this is what we called 天地风水!
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BaZi Consultation

Ba Zi is known as Destiny Understanding. And in the western world, they called it “The Four Pillars of Destiny”

What is Ba Zi? Many people have a misconception of Ba Zi understanding. People always regarded it as fortune telling. But think again, fortune comes with a price to pay! if we do nothing and expect fortune to come, this is only wishful thinking.

Ba Zi in fact is an environment study and the science of logical application on whatever we choose to do to achieve our goal and objectives! (Read more)

Burial Feng Shui Consultation

Prosperous energy can be found in our journey derived from the 60 cycle!

When energy reaches earth spring, summer, autumn and winter will be born. This is term as nature transformation!

Energy has no fixed location or direction and North East South West is only a guide. Energy’s has their own land and every land contains certain energy which means, every location has their direction and every direction contains a location!

And we must know which energy can use and what cannot! There are beautiful landforms and we must know whether it can be useful to you! (Read more)