Ba Zi is known as Destiny Understanding. And in the western world, they called it “The Four Pillars of Destiny”


What is Ba Zi? Many people have a misconception of Ba Zi understanding. People always regarded it as fortune telling. But think again, fortune comes with a price to pay! if we do nothing and expect fortune to come, this is only wishful thinking.


Ba Zi in fact is an environment study and the science of logical application on whatever we choose to do to achieve our goal and objectives!


In our foundation course, you will learn the impossible can become possible. BaZi is about understanding our inner self which we most of the time are too busy with our work and not knowing what we really want or are we doing what we want? Once we have acquired the knowledge of Ba Zi, we are unstoppable!


Ba Zi help us take charge in our life in whatever we do. Don’t underestimate your ability and capability!


This BaZi Foundation course is the most important of it all. Imagine, what you learn in your childhood will have a direct impact towards your later life! If you have a good and strong foundation, the outcome will be infinite!


In this Ba Zi Foundation course, you will learn;


·                  Introduction of 10 Heavenly Stems

·                  10 Stems Formations

·                  10 Stems Principle

·                  10 Stems In-depth Understanding

·                  10 Stems and 10 Gods

·                  Understanding 12 Months and its Seasonal Influence

·                  5 Elements Controlling and Supporting factors

·                  Understanding a Ba Zi Chart

·                  10 Stems Inter- relationship interpretation

·                  Understanding The 12 Branches

·                  12 branches Formations

·                  Entry level to Read a Ba Zi

·                  The Characteristics of The 12 Branches

·                  Case Studies