Prosperous energy can be found in our journey derived from the 60 cycle!


When energy reaches earth spring, summer, autumn and winter will be born. This is term as nature transformation!


Energy has no fixed location or direction and North East South West is only a guide. Energy’s has their own land and every land contains certain energy which means, every location has their direction and every direction contains a location!


And we must know which energy can use and what cannot! There are beautiful landforms and we must know whether it can be useful to you!


For example, there are beautiful landed property, apartments, offices etc. after moving in, you are burden with multiple obstacles. And the regret will be too late. And in the study of land form, is not about the Left Green dragon, Right White tiger, Back Tortoise and Front Red Phoenix!


These are the basic misconceptions of understanding landforms! Readers please be careful!


There are many Chinese emperors with fantastic landforms surrounding them, and some are well known for their nobility and some with bad reputations and still lives with the bad names even until today!


There are many famous and well known tomb stone where the real dragon is being trace down, from 100 to 1000 km distance away, embracing the meridian spot, surrounded by smooth flowing water, the continuous of staggering mountain, displaying a unique formation from back to front, encompass by the dragon veins, the earth and water consolidate forming a consolidation breath, surrounded by beautiful and serene nature etc.


So the question is, can you find or know how to find this kind of landscape?


Can you find this kind of surrounding in your country or what happen if you live in an apartment!


Realistically and on a practical approach, first, we are all unique! And we live in different location. You may find a similar or even same landscape from the picture above, but some cannot be use due to the location factor, example it can be in Greenland, North or Northwest Canada because they are cover with snow.



Using the layout of The Ming Tombs as our example:


The back or tip of the mountain represents the bone, illustrated by the blue line. Just like the spine of a person back.


The area, illustrated as yellow circle, is the resting ground. Also known as the “Meridian Spot”.


Generally, this is termed as good location, and the required skill to determine what energies the land had gathered.


img-burial feng shui2 img-burial feng shui3
img-burial feng shui4 img-burial feng shui5


The saying of the left and right serves as the arm to protect the tombstone? Think again, there are many different tombstones around the world. With cultural differences. How do you explain that? Does it mean that tombstone without the left and right embracement is termed as bad. Of course NOT!
To know Feng Shui is to know nature; and understand how and what is the cause of influencing them to grow. Just like burying a deceased, you must first find out from their nature which can be found in the year, month, day and hour. This is NATURE. And what creates nature?

You must know when the prosperous Earth comes and when they stop. And the decease must bury on the prosperous Earth. The facing of the tombstone and the burying earth Energy must coincide with the Facing.

This is when the Facing and burying is on the same Meridian Spot. This is called Heaven, Earth and Man are in unity. Readers have to be careful on meridian spot. Not all meridian spots can be use, only if you are certain of a person’s destiny, then you will know which meridian

Spot is suitable.

Just like buying a property, if a property is good for you doesn’t mean that it will be good for everyone.

img-burial feng shui10

The burial ground, although there are many different ways, is due to the different nature of a destiny. The differences arise from different date selections for different deceased buried in different ground.

Just like a high rise building, in one sector, all doors will have the same facing and grounding; but the difference are the many different tenants living in it. That’s where all differences can be justified.

The art of burial selection is not about looking at the land formation and meridian spot because beautiful surroundings can be fake. Just like a well dressed person, we may easily be deceived by basing on their appearance.

First is to know the person’s destiny and understand their nature, then you will be able to judge what can or cannot be used for that nature. Then you will know which burial ground is suitable for the deceased.

5 elements are not easy to understand. Although the knowledge had spread across the continents, not much people can fully understand them. They may be only 5 elements, but within them, there are thousands and even millions of changes and transformations.


img-burial feng shui12 img-burial feng shui13 img-burial feng shui14 img-burial feng shui15 img-burial feng shui16


Although there are many water formations, the best formation is when water is sentimental, from right to left or from left to right. But the real knowledge even without a meridian spot, it can also be done like magic. All you need is a good Qi! If you know where the good can be found, everywhere is just as good.

Not many people know that there are good and bad meridian spots. What is a meridian spot? It captures Qi. If you know how to capture the Qi, do you really need a meridian spot? Think!