For the economic and development of a well-balanced society


Feng means Air and Shui means Water!
Air is the outcome of water and water is also the outcome of Air

Air is above water and water is below air!


What Feng Shui is trying to tell us? It means Heaven and Earth is unity!


·                  How Feng Shui is discovered?

·                  Feng Shui is discovered through Heaven and Earth?

·                  What is Heaven and Earth?

·                  Stem represents Heaven and Branches represents Earth!

·                  What is Stem and Branches?

·                  甲乙丙丁戊己庚辛壬癸 represent STEMS and 寅卯辰巳午未申酉戌亥子丑 represent branches!

·                  Stems and branches connect all represent a certain Feng Shui for an individual and this is what we called 天地风水!


Heaven and Earth Feng Shui! See table below:



img-feng shui cons1

 img-feng shui cons2


Every Bazi contain a Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth cannot be separated, Heaven represent a sovereign and Earth represents the people! People without a sovereign, will have chaos! Sovereign without people is just like life without purpose! Vice versa a family!


Every Heaven and Earth makes up a complete hexagram and every hexagram make up a pair of Heaven and Earth!


Feng Shui is supposed to help in designing a building to help and balance the harmony of the living!


·                  Example a well Balance Hospital for the sick

·                  A well Balance educational Institute for the students and teachers

·                  A well Balance for the politician House

·                  A well Balance Business Empire for the employer and employee

·                  A well balance apartment for the owner and tenants

·                  A well balance for the family members


If this can be achieved, there will be a balance of a Country!


This is the dreams of Destiny Empire where all Destiny can become an Empire of everybody dreams!